Alabastrine Travertine

Alabastrino is a mainly white travertine with very clear veins ranging from yellow to havana brown and sometimes with shades of silver.

The structure of Alabastrino is displayed in all its compactness and homogeneity, generally there are no large pores or cavities. If you cut against the grain it brings out the typically undulating and wavy veining.

Alabastrino Travertine Technical Sheet
Areas of use: external and internal surfaces.
Color: Beige
Type: Marble
Weight per unit volume: 2450 Kg./m3
Tensile strength in simple compression: 1110 Kg./cm2
Flexural strength: 145 Kg./cm2
Imbibition coefficient: 0.75%

Available Processing
The Alabastrino Travertine is available in the following types of processes:
Alabastrino Travertinestucco and travertine Honed
Alabastrino Travertine stucco and Polished
Alabastrino Travertine sandblasted