Marbles Italy

Marbles from Italy. Aretina Marmi

Beautiful and resistant.

Marbles from Italy are widely appreciated and demanded in offices, multinational companies, hotels, schools and other industries. Aretina Marmi offers marbles of various sizes, designs and patterns. You can use our products in the flooring of house, restaurants, hotels and even in the shopping malls.

Marbles from Italy is a versatile stone and can be used in many areas of the building. You can use it in kitchens, dining table and bathrooms. For flooring you can choose between many different patterns and designs.

We have forty years of experience in the processing of stone. Every product starts with his extraction in the quarry and ends with the creation of blocks, slabs and other products. The marbles from Italy that we sell are a combination of skills and local traditions with the latest technology and machinery. By this way we can satisfy the technical, aesthetic and economic expectations of our customers.

The materials that you can find at Aretina Marmi are:

  • Classic Travertine
  • Silver Grey Light Travertine
  • Alabastrine Travertine
  • Walnut Travertine
  • Navona Travertine
  • Silver Travertine
  • Silver Rainbow Travertine
  • Tiger Travertine
  • Tiger Light Travertine

The products we commercialize are:

  • Travertine Blocks
  • Travertine Tiles
  • Travertine Slabs

The finishing available for all of our marbles from Italy are:

  • Honed stuccoed cement
  • Polished plastered coloured putty
  • Polished stuccoed cement
  • Polished stuccoed transparent resin
  • Brushed stuccoed cement
  • Brushed

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