Marble prices. Aretina Marmi

Marble prices

Aretina Marmi has the prices you were looking for.

Using our marble you can give shape to the most exclusive design ideas. Every concept can become absolute architecture. We can ensure a successful fulfillment of every indoor and outdoor design project. Another vantage are the prices of our marble.

The marble we offer is made of different materials, products and furnishings. Its elements in travertine such as floor, coatings and stairs are tailor-made products. The marble can be used as flooring of house, resorts, shopping malls, hotels and restaurants. It also can be used in dining tables, kitchens and bathrooms. Contact us to know the marble prices.

Varying factors will dictate your marble prices. The prices our marble have are the most competitive within the industry. We guarantee that if you buy our products once then you will recommend us to friends and family.

You can ask for expert device on choice of stone in terms of design and application. Our staff will give you the service you were looking for. Every customer is unique for us so every job we do is unique too.

The materials of marble with different prices you can find at Aretina Marmi are:

  • Classic Travertine
  • Silver Grey Light Travertine
  • Alabastrine Travertine
  • Walnut Travertine
  • Navona Travertine
  • Silver Travertine
  • Silver Rainbow Travertine
  • Tiger Travertine
  • Tiger Light Travertine

The products are:

  • Travertine Blocks
  • Travertine Tiles
  • Travertine Slabs

The finishing of marble with different prices that we propose are:

  • Honed stuccoed cement
  • Polished plastered coloured putty
  • Polished stuccoed cement
  • Polished stuccoed transparent resin
  • Brushed stuccoed cement
  • Brushed

For more information about the marble prices, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone +39 0575 836490 or by mail at