Navona Travertine

Our Travertines: Navona Travertine

Our Travertines: Navona Travertine

Navona travertine is milky white with ivory streaks, clearer than Classic travertine  with more brightness reflecting on the surroundings

The special feature of Navona travertine is its white base with very delicate veins, it has a compact and homogeneous structure with small pores and is suitable for all indoor applications such as floors and walls.

Navona Travertine Technical Sheet
Areas of use: internal surfaces.
Color: Light Hazel
Type: Marble
Weight per unit volume: 2450 Kg./m3
Tensile strength in simple compression: 1100 Kg./cm2
Flexural strength: 140 Kg./cm2
Imbibition coefficient 0,90%

Processing Available
The Navona Travertine is available in the following types of processes:
Navona Travertine stucco and honed
Navona Travertine stucco and polished
Antique Navona Travertine
Navona Travertine sandblasted