Walnut Travertine

Our Travertines: Travertine Noce

Our Travertines: Travertine Noce

Noce travertine is a typical Tuscan material that is always highly sought after because of its dark colours and its compact structure. These are characteristics that make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and especially for environments subject to heavy  traffic. It is often combined with other lighter-coloured materials to obtain particular geometries and plays of light.

The dark and warm tones of the Noce travertine are much more visible if this is cut perpendicular to the grain because it shows the various layers of sedimentation of calcium carbonate.

If cut parallel to the grain the Noce travertine has a more uniform colour, always dark tones but with a more soft, almost faded effect. Its excellent technical properties make it suitable for many uses and processes.

Walnut Travertine Technical Sheet
Areas of use: internal surfaces.
Color: Beige with cream veins
Type: Marble
Weight per unit volume: 2450-2470 Kg./m3
Tensile strength in simple compression: 1110-1125 Kg./cm2
Flexural strength: 140-150Kg./cm2
Imbibition coefficient:% 0,70-0,75%

Available Processing
The Walnut Travertine is available in the following types of processes:
Travertine Walnut Honed and stuccoed
Walnut travertine stucco and Polished
Antique walnut travertine
Walnut travertine sandblasted